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This splendid bed shows the quality of British custom upholstery skills. Deep hand buttoning, turned and aged beech stained feet make this a luxurious addition to your master bedroom.
£1,627 £1383


Curvy and comforting, with a distinctively Provencal appeal, this luxury bed brings an indefinable air of chic to your bedroom. Looks wonderful in stripes.
£1,113 £946


Domino comes from my time when I collected 1950’s furniture. Its sculptural form was typical of that decade, when designers began experimenting with new fluid forms and materials.
£1,023 £870


Our fixed cover version of a camel shape. Here we highlight the hump with large, widely spread hand studding. A trusted look for both the city or the country.
£917 £779


What dreams are made of, traditional mixed with a bit of contemporary, simple with just a little shapely curve!
£959 £815