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Protecting Your Sofa

Protecting your sofa

Fabric protection from 'Staingard' and leather protection from 'Leather Master'.

You've just bought a beautiful sofa from Sofas & Stuff. You celebrate with a glass of Chianti and an old friend. Cheers! Whoops. What to do with that stain? No fabric protection plan? Now you do have a problem, and you're about to make it worse trying to get the stain out.

But wait! Here's 'Staingard' and 'Leather Master'.

Both 'Staingard' fabric and 'Leather Master' leather protection plans costs £40 a seat, about one trip to the dry cleaners, but it's a whole lot more effective.

It starts with a box of impregnated cloths to deal with most stains. If they don't, ring for the 'protection man'. He'll come round and take away the stain. If he can't, he'll replace the cushion cover. If that doesn't work, we replace the whole sofa. Phew! It's worth getting, trust me.

Staingard fabric protection contents:

General Purpose Mild Cleaner: A gentle cleaner ideal for the removal of general light soiling on most kinds of fabrics.

Old or Resistant Stain Remover: A water based product ideal for the removal of stubborn, old or dried stains.

Fresh Stain Remover: A water based product ideal for removing fresh stains from most fabrics.

Grease and Oil Stain Remover: A water based product ideal for the removal of grease and oil based stains.

Leather Stainguard Protection

Leather Master leather protection contents:

Protection Cream: A highly effective, water-based cream that creates an invisible barrier on your leather, offering protection against staining and general soiling. Using Protection Cream allows you to clean most everyday household spills and stains.

Super Cleaner: A specialised cleaner that is especially effective on those difficult to remove stains, such as newspaper print and dye soiling from clothes.

Soft Cleaner:An excellent general cleaner that will remove everyday spills and dirt from your leather. Used as part of a regular maintenance programme, it will keep your furniture looking like new for longer.

Ink Away: An easy to use stick that comes in a handy lipstick style dispenser. It is a highly effective remover of ball point ink and lipstick.

Fabric fading.

A truth not often admitted. "All fabrics fade in direct sun light." Its the ultra violet rays that are the cause of most of the problems. Also, some colours fade faster than others. Generally really bright colours tend to be the worst offenders. Different fabrics will also fade at different speed, according to the composition of the fabric, and the dyestuffs used; though this is far harder to generalise about. If you combine natural sunlight with glass, fabrics will fade even faster. Sun lounges with no protecting blinds are therefore very unfriendly places to put your sofas.

All our fabrics are rigorously tested for what is called "lightfastness" and will perform sterling service if not in direct light. Break this rule at your peril. I have a check linen sofa at home, in a sunny window alcove. It's a quite different colour to when I bought it.


am a world expert plumper. I think every time someone gets off a sofa it should be plumped to make it look its best. But if you think that's excessive, a good plumping once a week, giving the cushions a bash keeps duck feather back cushions from looking sad and squashed. Swap over left and right hand cushions to even out fabric wear and fading from direct sunlight.

As part of our Staingard and Leather Master protection you get what is technically called ‘cover against premature loss of resiliency of cushion interiors’. In plain language this means that should your sofa cushion interior fillings become flattened and you are unable to plump them up, or one becomes flatter than the rest of them, then we will ask Staingard to come round and measure them, and if there is a fault, we will replace them.

We use top quality duck feather and fibre fillings for our sofa cushions. When you buy your sofa, do consider whether you like to plump up your cushions after sitting on your sofa, as some styles require less plumping than others. Regular maintenance of your sofa is important to keep it looking its beautiful best. Just think of it like making your bed everyday.