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You are viewing all fabrics for our Handmade British Sofas. If you want fabrics for our Sofa Pronto Sofas, click here.


Barra Plain

The holy grail. A beautiful, coloured, yarn dyed linen cloth with a great weight and a gorgeous soft handle that you don't have to re-mortgage the house for.

  • Dingley

  • Steel

  • Kashmir

  • Rust

  • Finn

  • Pine Cone


A range of beautiful natural linen and linen / cotton mixes, woven in Lancashire exclusively for Sofas & Stuff.

  • Stornoway

  • Lerwick

  • Sole

  • Ghent

  • Antwerp

  • Brussels

  • Swaledale


Technically speaking, this is a two colour, cotton, hopsack, double cloth. To you and I it is a beautiful cotton fabric with a neutral warp and coloured cotton weft; woven in Lancashire. Dry clean please.

  • Chalk

  • Spring Leaves

  • Rosewood

  • Espresso

  • Calico

Trafalgar house linen cotton

63% cotton, 37% linen mix that simply makes the best washable loose covers. My most popular fabric since 1979.

  • Porridge

  • Sugar Beet

  • Coast

  • Feather Grey

  • Fennel

  • Nordic Blue

  • Lavender

  • Cardamon

  • Cardinal

  • Espresso

Harris Tweed

Woven on hand looms in crofters cottages on the Hebridean island of Harris, Harris Tweed is world famous for both its strength and depth of colour. Seen world wide on the backs of country gents, it has also been used extensively with great wit and panache by two of the greats of the fashion world; Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood.

  • Heather with Old Bard Hide

  • Bracken Herringbone with Brompton Tan

  • Loden Herringbone with Mont Blanc Winter Pine

  • Granite Herringbone with Atlantic Blue Hide

  • Peat Herringbone with Old Bard Hide

Biscay washable cotton

Heavy weight 100% cotton, for washable loose, or fitted covers. Sticky-fingered kids, no problem.

  • Pearl

  • Linen

  • Duck Egg

  • Muffin

  • Poppy

  • Warm Charcoal


A really hard wearing fabric for tight covered sofas, with an unusual faded strie effect that gives movement and a lightness to what is a plain fabric.

  • Ivory

  • Mushroom

  • Clay

  • Denim

  • Rose

  • Red

  • Plum

  • Coal

Fitzroy house faux crushed velvet

A crushed velvet look, not a woven velvet, for fitted covers; 50% natural, 50% synthetic, viscose/polyester mix.

  • Cream

  • Buttermilk

  • Mink

  • Wheat

  • Honey

  • Lipstick

  • Charcoal

  • Chocolate

  • Ebony

Scarborough cotton velvet

An absolutely stunning velvet, woven in Lancashire, and suitable for both loose and tight covers. 88% cotton and crease resistant; almost unique in my experience for velvet.

  • Forest Fern

  • Eagle Grey

  • Caramel

  • Egg Plant

  • Baltic Sea

  • Finch

Hebrides 2

Hebrides is a herringbone 100% wool weave, that is soft to the touch, and not too itchy! Dry clean only.

  • Island Stone

  • Moss

  • Thistle

  • Lavender

  • Red Lichen

Humber crushed chenille

A beautiful chenille, with a tumbled finish, designed to give the appearance of antique velvet.

  • Vanilla

  • Caramel

  • Lime

  • Scarlett

  • Plum

  • Teal Blue

  • Moss Grey

  • Peat Brown

  • Midnight Slate


British cotton velvet at its best. The slub effect in the weave takes it away from being totally plain.

  • Champagne

  • Willow

  • Azure

  • Amethyst

  • Mink

  • Redcurrant

  • Mole

  • Charcoal


A beautiful, modern fabric. Woven from wool and a mixture of other fibres. Can be used for loose or fitted covers.

  • Mushroom

  • Olive

  • Cocoa

Hartland Leather

A full grain, semi aniline leather, very soft to the touch.

  • Black

Forties house textured cotton mix

A predominantly natural yarn, plain fabric, ideal for fitted cover sofas.

  • Ivory

  • Light Apple

  • Honey

  • Red

  • Claret

  • Espresso

  • Charcoal

Portland house linen cotton

The classic English upholstery fabric. Woven from a mixture of cotton and linen, Portland is durable, soft to the touch and washable.

  • Linen

  • Almond

  • English Sky

  • Sail

  • Sycamore

  • Gothic Blue

  • Wisteria

  • Saddle

  • Fire Brick

  • Muddy Waters

Bed linens

A range of beautiful natural linen and linen / cotton mixes, woven in Lancashire exclusively for Sofas & Stuff.

  • Cromarty

  • Sole

  • Lundy

  • Brussels

  • Swaledale


Ever fashionable, ever beautiful. The essential cotton/linen plain fabric. Wash, or dry clean in fitted covers. Suitable for loose or fitted covers.

  • Cotton Linen


A beautifully soft tonal, practically coloured chocolate chenille. 47% acrylic, 39% polyester, 14% cotton.

  • English River

  • Winter Sky


We literally looked at hundreds of prints before settling on Amandine. Just the right balance between pretty and sophisticated we thought, and bang on trend colours too.

  • Sky

  • Iris

Barra Check White

We love linen, so our in house design team came up with Barra, a linen check which is woven exclusively for us in Lancashire. Our favourite fabric for 2012.

  • Check


One possibly for the boys? We fell for this design because it seemed to sum up so well an age where there was still time to stop and think, write and relax. And definitely no emails! Printed on a beautiful linen viscose mix cloth.

  • Check


There are stripes and stripes. Few we felt were as simple yet sophisticated as Lulgrove. We think it's the pin stripe that makes it a winner. A key home fashion trend for the next 12 months we predict.

  • Birch

  • Oat


A beautiful wool check in two stunning colourways.

  • Grey Black


A lovely linen cotton mix woven exclusively for us in Lancashire.

  • Natural

The Petworth Velvets

A gorgeous crop of sumptuous velvets in jewel colours picked from our extensive velvet collection to complement our classic handmade British sofas, sofa beds, beds and armchairs.

  • Honey

  • Pale Moss

  • Cerise

  • Victoria Fir


A strong, timeless fabric which gives any sofa, chair or bed a classic finish. The contrasting warp and weave add a subtle texture, whilst the mix of linen, cotton and viscose make it hard wearing and durable. Dry clean only.

  • Neptune


Barra Check

For 3 years now Barra check white has been one of our best selling fabrics. Designed by our in house design team and woven in our favourite mill in Scotland, this gorgeous 100% linen cloth has now been introduced in 6 new colours, to coordinate with our new Barra Plain linen colours.

  • Dingley

  • Steel

  • Kashmir

  • Rust

  • Finn

  • White


In our view some of the most beautiful fabrics ever woven were designed not for sofas or curtains, but for a far more humble use; the grain sack. For centuries rough, single striped linen and hemp sacks were made in France and Belgium, and used for transporting mostly grain, but other dry foodstuffs as well. Walloon is one of two homages to this method of transport, which sadly no longer exists. Walloon is woven entirely from Belgian linen, correctly thought to be the worlds finest. The stripe is unique to Sofas & Stuff, and we are particularly proud of the softness of its handle.

  • Red


A broad stripe in four gorgeous colours, woven in the finest 100% Belgian Linen it is possible to find. You only need to feel the weight of this cloth to realize what a beauty this fabric truly is. Will age like a fine wine.

  • Bible Black

  • Carmine

  • Chalk

  • Deepwater Blue


100% Belgian Linen at its very best, Ullswater is a grain sack stripe designed by our in-house team. With its accompanying plain, Hawes, it won our “cloth of the year” competition in spring 2014.

  • Bible Black

  • Carmine

  • Chalk

  • Deepwater Blue


A grain sack stripe woven in a slubby 100% Belgian linen, designed by the Sofas & stuff in-house team, and a top seller now for over 12 months. We cover everything in it, but our Arles bed (as seen on the website) has certainly proven to have hit the right spot. Great for tight or loose covers.

  • Flemish Black


100% best Belgium linen. Isla is a classic small-scale brown check that just looks wonderful on sofas. Laid back and classy. Never out of date.

  • Check

Shannon Stripe

A linen / cotton mix Ticking stripe of great value, and huge class. Our second best selling fabric now for over three years; available in a great handful of colours, and suitable for both loose or tight covered upholstery.

  • Cranberry

  • Jasper

  • Midnight

  • Mocha

Barra Ticking

Inspired by the subdued colours of its namesake in the Western Isles and produced in our partner mill in Scotland, this very popular 100% linen stripe co-ordinates beautifully with Barra Plain linens and Checks.

  • Dingley

  • Steel

  • Kashmir

  • Rust

  • Finn

  • Pine Cone


A gentle stripe in blue and red, woven in the finest 100% Belgian Linen. You only need to feel the weight of this cloth to realise what a beauty this fabric truly is. Will age like a fine wine.

  • Stripe



65% linen, 35% cotton, Kew is a classic tone-on-tone English print that will never date and never look anything other than classy.

  • Charcoal

  • Nordic Navy

  • Linen


Designed by a friend of the company, William Yeoward, Khalana is a two-colour “Ethnic” print that just looks brilliant in British sitting rooms. 67% Viscose, and 33% linen. It feels pretty brill too.

  • Brick

  • Marine

  • Slate

Spring Rhythm

Selected from our hand-blocked Indian cotton print collection.

  • Pomegranate Green

  • Lotus Reverse Blue

  • Lotus Reverse Green

  • Wave Green


A fabulously beautiful new collection of remastered Liberty Prints for Interiors featuring iconic Liberty patterns, recoloured for the 21st century and brand new botanicals and paisley prints in a hardwearing linen/cotton/nylon mix. Dry clean only.

  • Garden Onyx

  • Hebe Indigo

  • Fresco Lagoon

  • Patricia Spice

  • Marquess Nightshade


Galloway Leather

A full grain leather with a sanded finish, to give it a touch of the wild west.

  • Ranch

  • Chocolate

Foreland Leather

A semi aniline corrected grain leather with a protective finish, ideal for children and messy adults.

  • Mocha

  • Tan

  • Cream

  • Claret