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One of the first sofas we ever designed and our all time bestseller. The Alwinton with its iconic Howard arm is everything a classic British sofa should be.
  • Medium Sit
  • Classic
  • Low Arms
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  •  Alwinton sofa in Cloth 18 blue linen print
  •  Alwinton Snuggler in burgundy velvet
  •  Alwinton sofa chaise natral linen
  • Alwinton 3 Seater Sofa
  • Alwinton 3 Seater Sofa


All of our furniture is lovingly handcrafted right here in Britain.


We offer a lifetime construction guarantee on all of our British made pieces.


Find an equivalent British made piece at a lower price and we will always match the cost.

How the Alwinton measures up


Dimensions 4 Seater Sofa 3 Seater Sofa 2.5 Seater Sofa 2 Seater Sofa Chair Snuggler Chaise Sofa RHF Chaise Sofa LHF Large Corner Unit LHF Large Corner Unit RHF Grand Corner Unit Chaise Chair
(A) Total Height 88cm 88cm 88cm 88cm 88cm 88cm 88cm 88cm 90cm 90cm 90cm 88cm
(B) Arm Height 61cm 61cm 61cm 61cm 61cm 61cm 61cm 61cm 61cm 61cm 61cm 61cm
(C) Seat Height 48cm 48cm 48cm 48cm 48cm 48cm 48cm 48cm 48cm 48cm 48cm 48cm
(D) Depth 98cm 98cm 98cm 98cm 98cm 98cm 98cm 98cm 98cm 98cm 98cm 157cm
(E) Width 225cm 204cm 178cm 155cm 94cm 132cm 225cm 225cm 271cm 271cm 271cm 94cm
(F) Length             157cm 157cm 210cm 210cm 271cm  
Alwinton Specification Illustration

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If you are not happy with your handmade sofa ... your money back ... simple!

Our Alwinton, in your homes

 Alwinton green velvet customer image  Alwinton sofa navy velvet @emma.merry.styling  Alwinton sofa blue linen  Alwinton chaise sofa pink velvet @thelittlepinkcottage_  Alwinton sofa 2 seater linen stripe @just_another_terrace  Alwinton sofa 4 seater in navy velvet @robrigadoliza