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Morris and Co Fabrics

Morris and Co Fabrics

Choose from a wide range of beautiful William Morris & Co fabrics and create your bespoke designer sofa

Morris and Co Fabric for Sofas

The iconic William Morris fabrics have been around since 1861 and have gained in popularity ever since. Synonymous with quality, unique design and great British design, Morris & Co fabrics are a classic choice for sofas with traditional value at their core.

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Morris and co designer fabric bed
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Morris & Co Fabric for Sofas
British Made Designer Sofa

Classic designs create timeless pieces of furniture, primed and ready to be future family heirlooms.

Many Morris & Co fabric designs are full of hedgerow beauty with leafy greens sitting proudly alongside strawberry reds and inky blues as deep as the lochs of Scotland, while the well known Morris & Co Archive houses the best known designs from years gone by and captures the era in which they were created perfectly. Rich tapestry designs are perfectly placed next to botanical prints on super soft cottons, combined with hunting scenes fit for any Englishman’s castle (or just about any traditional home!).

The classic block printed designs we best know William Morris fabrics to be have moved on somewhat in recent years with the introduction of technologies seen in some of the most cutting edge design studio, however, quality remains at their core and traditional prints still dominate this wonderful collection of weaves.

Our Design Consultants are in our 12 stores nationwide and are full of knowledge to turn your Morris & Co furniture dreams into a reality. From country cottages to stately homes, we love to help William Morris sofas find their happy new homes.

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