Winter Sale
Winter Sale


The ultimate British sofa. Go to Paris and ask for "le style anglais", and this is what they would show you. Kentwell is a classic for all time. Perfect in velvet and just as good in dramatic bold linen prints.
  • Medium Sit
  • Classic
  • Fixed Back
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The 4 seater 2 hump sofa, and the 4 str 3 hump sofa, are both available “split in half”, for ease of access to difficult spaces.” This means that there will be an extra third leg in the middle of the seat platform, beneath where both halves of the sofa join together.


All of our furniture is lovingly handcrafted right here in Britain.


We offer a 15 year construction guarantee on all of our British made pieces.


Find an equivalent British made piece at a lower price and we will always match the cost.

How the Kentwell measures up


Dimensions 4 Seater, 3 Hump Split Sofa 4 Seater, 2 Hump Split Sofa 3 Seater, 2 Hump 3 Seater, 3 Hump 2.5 Seater, 2 Hump 2 Seater, 2 Hump Ladies Chair
(A) Total Height 92cm 92cm 92cm 92cm 92cm 92cm 92cm
(B) Arm Height 61cm 61cm 61cm 61cm 61cm 61cm 61cm
(C) Seat Height 52cm 52cm 52cm 52cm 52cm 52cm 52cm
(D) Depth 93cm 93cm 93cm 93cm 93cm 93cm 93cm
(E) Width 225cm 225cm 204cm 204cm 178cm 155cm 84cm
Kentwell Specification Illustration

The details


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If you are not happy with your online handmade sofa ... your money back ... simple!

Our Kentwell, in your homes

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