Autumn & Winter Interior Trends 2016/17

Although the sun is still shining upon us at the moment, the cold weather is coming back with autumn only around the corner. 2016 so far has been full of colourful interiors with floral fabrics and prints becoming more popular as the summer has gone on. We are now turning away from the gorgeous floral prints and bright bold contrasting colours to more mellow and earthy colours, with the colder weather comes interiors that have an incredible homely feeling through the colours and fabrics used within the spaces. Sofas & Stuff have put together four major trends that we expect will be vastly popular in autumn and winter 2016/17.


The Frosty trend is forecasted to become incredibly popular in autumn and winter 2016/17. This trend is full of natural colours, like stone and chalk hues and warm greys such as beige. These base colours of the trend are tones that will create relaxation and serenity, perfect for the colder seasons.

Sofas & Stuff have chosen four key fabrics for this trend:

  1. Viking Duck Egg
  2. Rockall Sand
  3. Portland Pampas
  4. Whitby Linen Silver


These fabrics hold the key calmness of the trend in their different colours. The beige and grey tones in Rockall Sand and Portland Pampas are the perfect base colours for this theme. Sofas & Stuff’s Camden Midi sofa in Rockall Sand is a gorgeous sofa that would fit perfectly in a space designed around this trend, accompanied by a Haresfield Snugger in Viking Duck Egg to bring in the pastel calm blue colours. These two pieces of handmade furniture by Sofas & Stuff would look amazing in a Great Star (paint by Dulux) painted room, add some antique accessories and beige and pastel blue cushions and you have achieved the Frosty Trend.


The next trend of autumn and winter 2016/17 is Rich. Sofas & Stuff believe Rich will grow in popularity quickly throughout autumn and winter 2016/17 due to its colourful and cosy look. The dark, rich tones of this trend are complemented with bursts of bold colours such as red and yellow.

Sofas & Stuff have chosen four key fabrics for this trend:

  1. Rockall Pillarbox Red
  2. Portland Wattle
  3. Viking Midnight Black
  4. Faroes Roman Purple


The Rich trend is similar to the Bold Beauty trend of spring and summer 2016, however the base colours are different due to the deeper and darker tones, but the Rich trend uses bold colours to match the darker base. A space designed with this trend in mind is perfect for autumn and winter 2016/17 due to its safe and comfortable feeling.

If a space designed with the Rich trend in mind is what you would like, have a look at our Chiddingfold armchair in Viking Midnight Black. Match this with an Abbotsbury large sofa in Portland Wattle to add some bold tones to the dark room. Cover the walls in Emerald Forest (paint by Dulux) paint, add some deep purple and red accessories and put some bold coloured flowers in the room for the final touches. Also add an open fire to the room and your evenings won’t get much better this winter.


The Harmony trend is based around calm and mellow colours. The colours together create a sense of peacefulness and tranquillity, perfect for a cold winter. Sofas & Stuff researched all the trends that are forecasted to be popular in autumn and winter 2016/17 and added the pastel colour trend from the spring and summer to put together the Harmony trend. We think this is a style that will take off in the winter, this is why it is within our top four trends for autumn and winter 2016/17.

Sofas & Stuff have chosen five key fabrics for this trend:

  1. Whitby Linen Buttermilk
  2. Waterford Gold
  3. Trafalgar Fennel
  4. Barra Plain Dingley
  5. Whitby Linen Silver

The Harmony trend is all about calm tones and relaxing features. If relaxation is a key feature you want in your interior this winter than look no further then the Harmony trend. Match Sofas & Stuffs Camden Midi Sofa in Barra Plain Dingley with a splash of Deep Sapphire and Piglet (paint by Dulux) on the walls of the room you are decorating. Use Piglet as your base paint and cover a feature wall in Deep Sapphire to get the Harmony look. Add dark oak wood tables to the room and some pale flowers as the finishing touches.


The playful trend takes the primary colours and looks at the different tones they can be. The whole point of this trend is to be playful with your interior. By using this trend to design spaces within your home you will add a bit of brightness and light to the winter months, whilst still creating the cosy factors through darker tones.

Sofas & Stuff have chosen three key fabrics for this trend:

  1. Portland Pitaya
  2. Scarborough Gold Leaf
  3. Hove Tearose

The Playful theme sees colours like deep purples, mustard yellows, pastel pinks and dark teals. These colours combined together create fun and playful atmospheres, with the darker tones of the purples and blues being able to keep the homely feeling in the interior. To get the Playful trend in your interior space match our Chiddingfold large sofa in Scarborough Azure in a room painted in Jupiter Jazz (paint by Dulux) with a feature wall in Bee Hall (paint by Dulux) to get the ultimate Playful trend look.

So there you have it, the upcoming interior trends for autumn and winter 2016/17. We’ve had our say here at Sofas & Stuff, if you would like any help with your furniture design from Sofas & Stuff come and visit your nearest showroom to see our sofa experts!

Abi Cooke

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