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Home access

An easy guide to measuring sofas and chairs, the doors they go through and the rooms they go in.

Home access

It is also critical that you measure door sizes for access before ordering a sofa or chair. Choose sofas and chairs with dimensions that will allow them to be safely carried into whichever room they will need to be delivered to. As well as doors, staircases and tight corners all need to be measured out if there is any doubt about whether there is sufficient space for a sofa to be delivered to a room.

Sofas may need to be taken at an angle through tight doors, see our diagrams for details. (Our sales staff can give you the dimension in diagram 1.)

The diagonal measurement of the side of the sofa or chair,
as per diagram 1, must be smaller than the width of the
doorway diagram 2.

Legs on most of our sofas can be taken off, and some sofas have bolt-on arms.

The whole journey of your sofa from your front door to the room of choice
needs to be taken into account, when considering access.
Are there stairs to get round, or other obstacles?

In London we have a home access inspection service for £49.

If you have concerns about any aspects of delivering your sofa please feel free to ask for advice from our sales staff in-store or call our customer service people on 0808 1783211


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