Harlequin Fabrics at Sofas & Stuff

Harlequin Fabrics at Sofas & Stuff

At Sofas & Stuff, we cater to a wide variety of customers who all have varied tastes and styles. Harlequin designer fabrics are ideal for someone looking to make an impression with their interior styling. We pride ourselves on allowing our customers to choose any fabric in the world for their furniture. Harlequin fabrics are the perfect choice for someone looking to add a splash of fashion and colour to their home.

Harlequin Fabric at Sofas & Stuff

History of Harlequin Fabrics

The word Harlequin means ‘varied in colour or decoration’ and that perfectly sums up the fabrics available. The colours are bold and vibrant would definitely create an impression in any home. The fabrics are also unique to Harlequin due to the techniques used while creating the designs.

Combining colours, textures and patterns in a way that will tantalize your interior design taste buds. The collection is created using non-shrinking violets and designs that clash perfectly creating beautiful chaos. Transporting you into a rich labyrinth of tones and colours. Many of the fabrics draw inspiration from elephants, feathers and butterflies across the patterns mixed with unique splashes of creativity.

Working with mixed media the team of in-house designers use a mixture of digital design technology as well as paintbrushes and watercolours to ensure that their designs are unique and stand out. The results are fabrics that bend rules and introduce creativity into the designs. Blog

The Collections

With recent collections including influences from 1920’s Jazz as well as tropical prints, there is something for everyone in the Harlequin fabric collections. Below are a collection of our favourite collections from the Harlequin range:

Paloma Fabrics

This collection consists of soft elegant weaves which are highlighted with metallic threads. The collection cries out elegance and luxury. With graceful natural forms juxtaposing with angularity this brings a timeless sophistication to any living space.

Harlequin Paloma Fabrics at Sofas & Stuff

Atelier Fabrics

With the name Atelier meaning ‘studio’, this is a gorgeous collection of eight prints, four weaves and one embroidery. The collection is inspired by the techniques and designs of mid-century pottery studios.

Harlequin Atelier Collection at Sofas & Stuff


This is Harlequin’s most successful range and consists of various collections. Inspired by urban geometrics, x-ray floral patterns and pixelated forms. This range creates an instant statement in any home and we love its bold style and colours.

Harlequin Momentum Collection

Something for everyone

Harlequin has a huge selection of ranges consisting of over one hundred collections which you can view on their website. Each collection is unique by itself however they retain the fantastic quality and designs customers know Harlequin fabrics for.

Harlequin at Sofas and Stuff

The harlequin fabric collections are available on all of our handmade furniture and we think they look great. To view a selection of Harlequin fabrics please visit one of our nationwide showrooms where you will be able to browse our extensive fabric libraries. Please contact our sales team and request a Harlequin fabric samples to help with your decision.

Nick Adams