Modern Mid-Century

sofas and stuff modern mid century

Here at the Edinburgh showroom, we are finding modern mid-century furniture is highly desirable right now. Our collaboration with Living Joanne Coe, founder of Living Room, has filled a mid-century shaped gap in our sofas and stuff range. The range is inspired by British furniture designers of the 50’s and 60’s combined with our passion for handmade furniture and the craftsmanship involved.  You can see from our showroom set the vibrant coloured sofas lend themselves to one another creating a warm, playful and simplified display- that perfect statement sofa you have been looking for?

Robin Day

sofas and stuff mid century modernLabelled one of the most influential furniture designers of the 20th century, Robin Day brought experimentation to the forefront of British furniture and bundles of inspiration for our collaboration with Joanne. 20th century design meddled in different materials such as plastic, plywood and steel for use in both commercial and domestic properties. The hype and interest in the varied materials enabled the people of Britain to invest in long life statement pieces made from durable materials, not dissimilar to a hard wood British handmade sofa from Sofas and Stuff. This Series E Chair that will resonate with many generations is a nostalgic example of an institutionalised design from Day within the education market. If it does what is says on the tin; Stackable, sturdy and child proof, I would imagine some of these chairs are still circulating today from a few decades ago.


A very different and unique design produced in celebration of Robin Day’s birth is one we can get on board with in Scotland. The iconic ‘Reclining Chair’ made from Icelandic sheep skin. The resemblance to the ‘The Highland Coo’ had us fair tickled and the fact it may need a large brush to prevent matting.

sofas and stuff mid century modern

Modern mid century at Sofas & Stuff

We applaud the inventive use of plastic throughout mid-century furniture however it does not scream comfort to us at Sofas and Stuff. Our range of mid-century sofas is equally stylish as it is comfortable. Whether you are interested in a statement piece alone or incorporating a piece to compliment an existing sofa from another era. Soft curving corners and simplified design makes the style of mid-century furniture versatile to mix with other furniture. Personally we love the element of light that is created having slim line legs and space under the sofa giving the illusion of more space. Less plumping is involved too with the inners being a fibre foam sandwich, yummy!

Living Room Collection

The Model One sofa is a personal favourite in Edinburgh with the staff too. Our fabric expert Laura has just received an order she placed for a Model One sofa in her favourite wool herringbone ‘Hebrides’ Lavender after admiring the model in our showroom for some time.  Her cat Fyvie has decided it’s his new favourite place for a snooze, despite being constantly shooed off it. Proving comfort for not only you but your furry family too.

sofas and stuff living room collaboration

Model One along with Model Two and the Model Four wing chair are fairly new models to the Sofas and Stuff range and not yet on the website. We are working on getting this online, whilst we do, why not come and see us for a cuppa in the showroom and part take in the all-important seat test.

Side note; if you are looking for anything that resembles a hairy coo we do not have anything as hairy as Day’s ‘The reclining Chair’ in the Edinburgh showroom.