A Guide to a Colourful Living Room

A Colourful Living Room

A colourful living room can potentially be a little daunting. But hey, throw caution to the wind and go for it! There are so many ways to explore and have fun with colour in your home, with the use of sumptuous textures, cushions, rugs, sofas and art work.  Lets get creative and colourful in our living rooms for 2019!   

Velvet sofa in Living room
Big Softie in Portland Velvet

Colourful Sofas

Colourful sofas are a big deal to todays consumer, people are becoming braver. With the use of Instagram and the likes of Pinterest it has enabled people to push boundaries within the home. It is certainly not uncommon to see the likes of bright velvets and beautiful floral patterned sofas in living rooms up and down the country. Sofas have without a doubt become a statement piece. Bright is most definitely beautiful, whether your vibe is bold brights or patterned delights our Hampton in Bluebellgray has got it covered in spades.  

Sofas and Stuff colourful sofas
Hampton Sofa in Bluebellgray / Finsbury Sofa in Cameron Paprika

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise!

Accessorise, seriously its the way forward for an all out Instacool quality. Sofas and Stuff collaborated with Emily Murray of “The Pink House” and created this wonderful collection of pink velvet and fern print scatter cushions along with two ladies chairs in the same colour and print.  Explore with the use of bold, block colours, tactile textures and clashing prints. The idea with this look is to not be too precious and to really go all out, if you like it get it, if it clashes BRILLIANT! Accessorising your space should be an extension of your personality, so try to bare this in mind when deciding upon little colourful trinkets to fill your home. 

Pink velvet and leaf print chairs and scatter cushions
Sofas and Stuff collaboration with Emily Murray of The Pink House




Art work is definitely an extension of someone’s personality. Although sometimes it can be tricky to step outside of one’s comfort zone without looking too pretentious, SAID NOBODY EVER! Art work is just another marvellous way of making your living room an even more fun and exciting place to be. Alternatively mirrors add a stylish edge to any room and help to enlarge the proportions of a space. Art is so accessible now it doesn’t have to break the bank. So… if when you enter your living space you get “resting bored face” it’s time to have a change up, out with the dull and in with the art!    

Colourful Living room inspiration
Bright and Beautiful Art

To paint or not to paint, that is the question…

To paint or not to paint, hmmm, easy.. PAINT! Giving your living room a lick of paint is a low budget way to refresh your living space. With so many colour ways to choose from the options are endless. Should you be hankering for some brights have you considered 2019’s Pantone coral?!   

Bright Walls

Big and Bold

Big and bold colours are not for the light hearted but boy do they create an impact! Even keeping it super simple with big colours and clean lines shown here with our Stourhead sofa in Satsuma Portland Velvet. The use of the deep teal blue colour on the wall and it being echoed on the rug make the colour of this sofa totally pop! They are complementary colours unlike no other. The styling is very simple, clean and decluttered allowing for the colours to do all the talking. If you’ve got a large space to fill perhaps our large corner sofa the Big Softie in a mixture of blue velvets is more appropriate?! 

Orange Velvet Sofa
Stourhead Sofa in Paprika


There are many ways to explore with colour in your home. It just depends on how far you wish to go with it. Colour doesn’t always have to mean crazy bright, it can mean a splash of colour here or there, it can mean a particular colour palette. It’s most definitely the right time of year to cheer up your living room, whether it’s a statement sofa or a new throw and scatter cushions, embrace something chirpy.

Genevieve Sathasivam