How to Clean a Leather Sofa

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“How to clean a leather sofa?”

I hear you cry… Before we delve into the world of leather cleaning here is a fun fact: It is said that leather sofas date back as far as the late 1600’s where the first “Chesterfield” was commissioned by Lord Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield. Ta da, you learn something new everyday!

Sofas & Stuff How to clean a leather sofa

Leather sofas have been in our lives for many centuries and therefore we ought to look after them and give them the respect that they deserve: Here’s our guide on how: 

A day to day Spruce…

As part of a regular regime it’s a good idea to wipe down your leathers with a dry (or slightly damp), clean cloth. It’s surprising how quickly dust can accumulate and this will help to keep it looking squeaky clean for the most part. Be careful not to saturate the cloth as water that is not dried can leave unsightly marks. Once you’ve spruced don’t forget to plump those cushions!  eO3DpXDQ

Deep Clean …

From time to time it’s a good idea to really go to town on your leather sofa to keep up in the hygiene stakes. To begin, start by removing seat and back cushions. Remove all the coins, Kirby grips, bits and bobs. Apply the brush setting to your hoover, on a gentle setting suck out all the little nastys down the sides of the sofa (with one of the small nozzle fittings), followed by the rest of the frame and the seams on the back and sides. Then clean over the sofa with a damp cloth (as above) to remove any remaining dust. TIP: You can also use white vinegar and water as a solution as a good grim buster!



Leather is a natural material, therefore it does require a bit more TLC. It’s a good idea to condition your leather sofa every six to twelve months. This helps to keep the leather supple and stop from drying out. There are leather conditioners available on the market or even saddle soap (should you have any laying around). By conditioning your sofa it really does bring it back to life and give a beautiful sheen. It’s well worth doing as it will extend the life of your furniture for many years to come! 

Remove stains

For mild stain it is possible to treat it with soapy water on a clean cloth. The trick is to ensure that the cloth is not completely saturated. Once you have cleaned the area dry it thoroughly with a clean (I hate to say it but obviously dry cloth ;D), this will prevent water marks and mildew from appearing. Once you have cleaned the area it’s wise to condition it also.

Call in the professionals!

If the dreaded spillage frankly frightens the life out of you and you don’t feel that it is within your remit to tackle it then perhaps it is time to call in the professionals leave it the professionals. They have the experience required and all the right products to clean and remove even the most stubborn of stains.


Sofas and Stuff Care Plan

Here at “Sofas and Stuff” when you purchase a sofa from us we offer a fabulous care plan! It takes all the worry and stress away should a spillage happen.

It starts with a box of impregnated cloths to deal with most stains. If they don’t, ring for the ‘protection man’. He’ll come round and take away the stain. If he can’t, he’ll replace the cushion cover. If that doesn’t work, we replace the whole sofa. Phew!

Leather sofas are a beautiful addition to any household, by looking after it correctly it really will last a lifetime… And lets be honest, they’re not exactly a low price tag purchase are they! 

Genevieve x


Genevieve Sathasivam