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Sofas and Stuff support The Great British Property Scandal

02 December 2011

You may remember when Hugh Fearnley-Whittngstall took on the task of campaigning for more sustainable seafood and Channel 4 got right behind him, documenting his journey in the popular programme, 'The Big Fish Fight'. Well, now they're at it again but this time they're tackling the issue of wasted empty homes in Britain.

The campaign looks to change the state of play with the current housing crisis and has attracted support from high profile celebrities such as John Snow, Will Young, Kevin McCloud and Phil Spencer.

Great British Property Scandal

The figures really are quite shocking - did you know there are over 1 million empty homes just sitting there going to waste with over 2 million families without a decent or stable home. And this is exactly the problem that ' The Great British Property Scandal' is looking to highlight and solve.

But where do we come into all of this? Well, as part of the campaign Channel 4 are going to take two such empty houses and turn them into a dream home for two lucky families. So we decided to support the campaign by donating one of our own Lanhydrock loose cover chairs, to help wonderfully talented interior stylist Zoe Brewer turn these forgotten houses into cosy family homes.

Screen Shot 2011-12-02 at 09.43.48

So, if you fancy seeing if you can spot our chair on the show (we won't completely spoil the game by telling you what colour it is), then make sure you tune in to Channel 4 on Monday and Tuesday at 9pm.

You can also support "The Great British Property Scandal" by reporting an empty home, following them on Twitter or catching up on Facebook.


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