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Friday Finds: Edition 2

11 November 2011

It's round two of our new blog series 'Friday Finds' where we bring you our top picks and finds from the last month. Ever since we joined Twitter a few months ago, we have been amazed by the amazing ideas, designs and products out there - sometimes we feel like we could write one of these posts every day! But we resist, after all we don't want you to get bored of us…


Cath Kidson Knitting Kit


Possibly the most perfect stocking present in the world - we stumbled across this last week, as tweeted by @rhodaparry. I can't think of one person in the world (male or female) that wouldn't be a little tempted by this Cath Kidson knitting kit.


Cradle to College Crib


If you're a parent, you'll know it's a constant uphill battle to buy things your kids won't 'grow out of'. Well this ingenious bit of design makes sure this never happens - well, Gro Furniture have got the answer in the Gro Crib. They've designed a crib that effortlessly grows with your child - transforming from crib to play area to bed to desk.



Transforming Apartment

Screen Shot 2011-11-11 at 13.34.36

They say you've got to make the best of what you've got and that certainly rings true for architect Gary Chang. Living in Hong Kong, he knows that space is at a premium so he's designed his apartment so that it transforms into 24 different rooms. Genuis! Watch the video to find out more!


Wardrobe Bench


Hallway clutter - we're sure that we're not alone when we say this is one of lifes great challenges but luckily for us Stephan Schulz has the answer.  With the 'Wardrobe Bench', you can wave goodbye to the hallway obstacle course experience - a wonderful bit of design.

That's all for now folks but if you've spotted something you think we may like then make sure you leave us a comment pointing us in the right direction.


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