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Mothers are simply miraculous….

12 March 2015

There is just one day a year when as a nation we think of and celebrate our mothers: let’s take a moment this year to really step back and appreciate the miracle of creating a brand new human being from more or less nowhere.


It is amazing. And what’s more, most mothers go on with the labour of motherhood long after infancy. It’s very hard work and mostly goes unnoticed.


Let’s make sure this year that every mother we know feels honoured and praised, loved and admired.

What is the purpose of a sofa?

17 February 2015

‘What is the purpose of a sofa?’

That is the question.

A rather interesting question asked by Steve and Laurene Jobs when they debated their sofa purchase over a period of 8 years. A case of overthinking a little?

(NB: This is hearsay – we didn’t hear it directly from the lips of Mr and Mrs Jobs.)

There are many answers....