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Super King
180 x 200cms
150 x 200cms
135 x 190cms
90 x 190cms
Additional Information

Over 1,400 springs in the king size mattress

Double sided mattress

Fillings include silk and wool

Hand tufted

Triple machine stitched borders

Chrome vents

Flag stitched handles

British Made
british made spec

We make these beds in our factory in Nottingham. We're pretty proud of this.

This is not the case, sadly, with most of our competitors, who use mass production facilities in Eastern Europe or the Far East; the UK, and our factory in particular, is still a powerhouse in making really beautiful, great quality mattresses, using traditional skills honed over hundreds of years.

This means we can do various things for you.

We get our mattresses to you quickly - no hanging around waiting for a container from China, or a truck from Europe. In fact we deliver in about half the time of most of our competitors - 30 days approx.

Fancy a beautiful velvet devoré, a 50's linen print, or a Scottish wool plaid, and in the time it takes to plump your seat cushions we will have it in production in our factory. Got your own fabric that you want to put on one of our sofas...........yes you're right, it's no trouble whatsoever.

Made to measure

Speak to us, and that special size 150cm wide sofa to fit the sitting room bay window will also not be beyond our capabilities.



I have been road testing a mattress by my friend who makes ours, for over 20 years now. Not many people can say that, and indeed my friend insists I now need a new one too!

We have our mattresses hand made for us, to a trusted old fashioned specification.

Firstly we have a lot of springs in them. I am told, 1400 in the king size. We then cover and hand tuft them in mostly natural fillings; both Silk and Wool.

We don't hold with this new fangled idea of the one sided mattress though. Ours are designed to be turned, say once a month. Then they last for a long time, or in my case, over 20 years.

A good mattress should always have stitched sides. Cheaper versions don't, and they just won't last as long.

I could go on about the joys of flag stitched handles, chrome vents etc, but I know when even mattress buyers have heard enough. Want to know more? We are always happy to chat mattresses on the phone for as long as you like.

One last thing; the Sofas&Stuff mattress comes in three different tensions. Softer, Standard and Firmer.

1. Choose a size

2. Choose mattress tension