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01/10/2016 23:32:07

Sofa Fabric By the Metre

Love the sofa. Adore the fabric? So buy it by the metre.

Quite understandably, a lot of people ask where they can get our fabrics. The answer is… from us.

They're perfect to turn into matching curtains or cushion covers, as well as for covering sofas - though we don't recommend making napkins from chenille.

One thing to remember is that the fabric we use on fitted sofas is fire-proofed and therefore only suitable for sofas - not curtains or loo roll dollies.

Biscay washable cotton - £29 per metre

Suitable for sofa covers, curtains, blinds, bedspreads, or whatever takes your fancy!

Heavyweight, very popular washable cotton equally well suited to removable loose or fitted covers.

Enter the number of metres you require then click 'add to basket'.





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