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beautiful British sofas and beds

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Free candle and free delivery with every handmade sofa ordered from a showroom by December 24th
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The reasons why we don't have a sale

We don't do sales and the reason is simple. We want to give everyone, every day of the year, the very best value we can afford.

We achieve this value by refusing to have expensive high street shops, or grand TV marketing campaigns. Or put another way; low overheads = excitingly great value,
beautiful sofas and beds.

But don't just take our word for it. Late in 2012 we were phoned by one of the three biggest embassies in London, and told that after extensive research, we were found to offer the best quality and value. They then placed by far the largest order we have ever received.

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When we have something surplus we sell it off in our clearance section of the site and in our barns, and 90% of the time it will be half price. (You can easily check this by looking at the normal price of the item on our website.)

We have never been interested in 'yo-yo' pricing, as practised by so many retailers, where you simply inflate the price of an item for a few weeks to enable you to show an enormous discount straight after, in a sale period. We feel this is not being honest.

Remember whenever you buy anything, to apply this one simple test. Do I really like the item and if so, is the price I paid for it really good value? This is the only thing that matters, and not whether the item was 30, 40 or even 75% off.