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beautiful British sofas and beds

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About us

Hi, I'm Andrew. I founded the company, and mostly do the fun stuff around here; that's what my colleagues say anyway. Together, we are Sofas & Stuff.


I've been in the sofa business since 1979, when matching three-piece suites in Dralon were all the rage. Most of my colleagues however weren't even born then.

Between us however we know a lot about good looking, good quality, really comfortable British sofas that last. Want to know more? Have a look at things we know about sofas.

More importantly we wanted you to benefit from our expertise, so we went online and became Sofas & Stuff.

barns at fittleworth 1

Fittleworth, the beautiful West Sussex village that is home to our office.

Here are a few things we believe in.

Our goal is to design beautifully made, great value sofas that last. Like dogs, sofas are not just for Christmas; we need them to age gracefully with us, becoming old family friends.

edinburgh interior

Edinburgh showroom

We hand make most of our sofas in our workshops outside Nottingham. This means we are in complete control of the whole process from drawing board to delivery, using manufacturing techniques honed over hundreds of years. No new fangled Chinese short cuts for us.

We also know that most people want to bounce around on a sofa before committing to buying one.

Every one of us is after all a different shape, so really comfy for me, can be utter torment for you.

That's why we have showrooms. But not showrooms as you have seen them before, or highly rented shops on noisy, dirty high streets. At Sofas & Stuff you will find beautiful barns in the countryside, where rents are 1/5th of most of our competitors shops, so, as a result, you get much cheaper sofas. It's simple really when you think about it.

woodchester exterior

Woodchester showroom

It also means that you can have a great day out as well as just coming to see us. Our barns tend to be near a great pub, where we are all to be found at 6.05 on Friday evenings, and are in areas perfect for walking energetically after lunch, for those so inclined.

We do all this because we think it will make you happy. None of us however are perfect, and sometimes not all of our customers are totally happy. This is why, if you buy a sofa in a house fabric and you don't like it, we won't argue we just take it back, and either refund you in full, or let you choose something else. This keeps us on our toes, I can assure you, as we hate unhappy customers, and unhappy sofas, homeless, returning to our warehouse.

So, come and visit us at: